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True North Screen Printing LTD.


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Applique Vintage Felt

Brands we work with

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We specialize in the fashion industry. Use our pre selected packages and get selling faster.

Merch Made Easy

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We curate simple merchandise ordering with our pre selected packages, or if you need more customization can help. Let us take the guesswork out of the process.

Basic Collection

Affordable quality , premium decorations. This collection uses American Apparel, Gildan, M&O or Anvil. We choose, you save. Minimum of 50 units.

Standard Collection

Bella Canvas, Independent trading, Flexfit these products are the standards. We sell these products the most, and they have a high perceived value. Minimum of 50 units.

Premium Collection

AS Colour exclusively in the collection. Pair these garments with our superb embroidery, and you have sure fire winners. Minimum of 50 units.