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Applique Embroidery

Appliqué embroidery is a decorative textile technique involving the application of fabric pieces onto a base material, typically using stitching to secure the overlaid fabric. This method allows for the creation of intricate and colorful designs by layering various fabrics, offering a unique and textured appearance to the final product. In the context of True North Screen Printing, appliqué embroidery can enhance the visual appeal of garments, providing a versatile and customizable option for creating eye-catching designs on apparel. This technique not only adds a tactile dimension to the finished product but also allows for a combination of different fabrics, colors, and textures to achieve a distinctive and personalized look in screen printing applications.

Direct Embroidery 

Direct embroidery is a method of embellishing fabric by stitching a design or pattern directly onto the material. This process involves using an embroidery machine to create intricate and precise designs by stitching thread directly onto the garment. Unlike appliqué, which involves attaching separate fabric pieces, direct embroidery builds the design directly on the textile surface. This technique offers a clean and professional appearance, suitable for a wide range of apparel and promotional items. Direct embroidery is often used to add logos, text, or decorative elements to garments, providing a durable and long-lasting embellishment that withstands regular wear and washing.

Chenille Patches

Chenille embroidery is a distinctive textile embellishment technique that involves the use of chenille yarn to create a plush, raised, and textured design on fabric. The word "chenille" is French for caterpillar, and the technique aptly derives its name from the fuzzy appearance resembling caterpillar fur. This embroidery style is achieved by layering and stitching down multiple threads of chenille yarn, which creates a soft, velvety pile on the fabric's surface. Typically employed for adding depth and dimension to various textiles, chenille embroidery is popular in decorative applications, such as on garments, home furnishings, and accessories. The resulting tactile and visually appealing texture sets chenille embroidery apart as a unique and eye-catching form of embellishment in the world of textile artistry.

Merrowed patches

A merrowed edge patch refers to a type of embroidered or woven patch that features a distinctive overlocking stitch around its outer border. The merrowed edge is created using a specific type of sewing machine called a merrow machine, which utilizes a unique overlock stitch to neatly encase the patch's raw edge, preventing fraying and providing a clean, finished look. This type of edge is often seen on patches intended for various applications, including uniforms, sports gear, and promotional items. The merrowed edge not only adds durability to the patch but also contributes to its aesthetic appeal, giving it a polished and professional finish. Merrowed edge patches are versatile and can be customized with different colours, shapes, and designs to suit the preferences and branding requirements of individuals or organizations

Screen Printing 

We can screen print up to 12 colours, but rarely need more than 8. We have irons to smooth fibres, and our work is high quality. 


Laser Cutting


Laser engraving things is something we offer at True North. 

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